Combine two of your passions to help you celebrate Halloween properly. ReadyGOLF’s line of unique golf Halloween costumes will satisfy your tradition of dressing up as well as incorporate your love of the links. Their selection of golf shirts, bottoms, and accessories will allow you to craft your own original costume to help you dominate Halloween.

Golf costumes require minimal effort to execute, but maximum creativity to do it right. ReadyGOLF’s selection of golf shirts include Bushwood Country Club golf polos in various colors that allow you to dress like your favorite Caddyshack characters. Embroidered crests give these golf polos a more authentic look that will elevate your costumes. For those looking for something bolder, ReadyGOLF also has Al Czervik polosrainbow sweater, masks, and hats that feature the iconic colors made famous by Rodney Dangerfield. Or maybe you’re more of a Carl Speckler fan. ReadyGOLF has camo hats and Bushwood t-shirts to complete your look.

Another costume idea that golfers will love: Masters Champion. Show everyone you are the consummate winner with the iconic green blazer. The green blazer has been worn by every Masters champion and is synonymous with winning in the eyes of every golfer. ReadyGOLF carries green blazers that you can customize with your own patches for a more authentic look.

Also, we would be remiss for not including Happy Gilmore within our roundup of golf costume ideas. ReadyGOLF carries the famous hockey stick putter that will help you improve your short game and t-shirts with the well-known quote said during the fight between Happy and Bob Barker. Yes, you know the one. This bold shirt will make you the talk of the party.

Creative Golf Halloween Costumes to Help You Win Halloween