The temperature is below freezing, teeth are chattering, all you see is a spotless layer of white that used to be green once, but your spirit to play golf is high. Perhaps you are one of those brave souls for whom the weather doesn’t count. But before get going with the practice, you need some preparations to avoid winter taking a toll on you. Shared are some tips that will keep you warm during winter round, without stealing the fun.

Keep realistic expectations

Let’s face the fact, golf is a game to be played on greens, not whites. You cannot expect your gameplay to be as good as it was in the summer. The dropping temperature will only make your scores go up, and that’s completely fine. Count it as an opportunity to work on weaknesses and practice something new like a pre-shot routine. Rather focusing on your scores, spend your time enjoying the game and having fun.

Play with a softer golf ball

Surely, you are not new to the term compression. The distance golf balls travel is completely dependent on it. And, accept the fact, the colder the temperature becomes, the harder the compression gets. What a better solution is moving to a softer ball. This helps in compressing the ball easier than what you normally play with. Besides, choose a bright colored ball, yellow or orange for instance, which is easier to spot against a cloudy sky or snow.

Carry extra club

Nothing is more frustrating than watching your shot landing 10 yards short than expected. Well, the winter is to be blamed. The drop in temperature makes your muscles stiff and let’s not forget about unfavorable compression from golf balls. So, it’s normal that your shots travel less than expected distance. Take your mind away, and move around the course. Keep an extra club and have more fun.

Add layers you golf apparel

Playing gold in winter though sounds fun you have to be careful with what you are wearing. You don’t need to be told how varied is the topography of golf courses. And, temperature varies drastically. To stay warm, carry extra layers to adjust with the changes accordingly. Consider

walking the course instead of taking a ride. This keeps your muscles warm and prevents stiffness in cold days.

Without a doubt, these tips will help you make your game play better. Keep your spirits up, and shop for golf apparel for women and men from ReadyGOLF.