5 of Bill Murray’s Best “Murray Moments

We all know Bill Murray from his appearances on the big screen. But did you know Bill Murray’s antics expand into his personal life, as well? Our favorite Caddyshack star is known for getting into some odd (and downright hilarious) situations with many of his fans -- especially when he isn’t invited.

In honor of Bill’s sense of humor, we’ve collected some of the best “Murray Moments” we’ve seen. Have a laugh before you hit the course, and make sure to stock up on your favorite Caddyshack gear while you’re at it!

I ain’t afraid of no marching band! During a football game between Cornell and Harvard, the Cornell University marching band played the Ghostbusters theme song. According to the band director, a man in pink pants walked up and asked him to play the song again -- and the man turned out to be Bill Murray! After the game, Bill stuck around to conduct the band, using his jacket as a baton.

If you’re going to be an unexpected house guest, you might as well wash the dishes. Bill Murray took part in a celeb golf tournament in St. Andrews, Scotland, then left to explore the city. During a chance meeting at a local pub, a young Norwegian student named Lykke Stavnef invited Bill to a house party. Surprisingly (or perhaps unsurprisingly?), Bill accepted. He joined Stavnef and her friends at a tiny apartment, drank vodka out of a coffee cup, and stuck around to do the dishes when the party was over. “Nobody could believe it when I arrived at the party with Bill Murray,” said Stavnef. “He was just like the character in ’Lost in Translation.”’

Walking In Slow Motion: The best film that never was. David Walton Smith and his friends had the good graces to luck into a meet-and-greet with Bill Murray. Instead of asking for an autograph, the aspiring director asked Bill to “act” in a trailer for the fake movie, Walking In Slow Motion. Bill participated and, well, the rest is history.

Coke bottle, meet nose. During a celebrity golf tournament in Utah, Bill threw a Coke bottle into the crowd as a joke. Unexpectedly, it hit someone in the face and gave him a bloody nose. Full of remorse, Bill apologized repeatedly, helped the man clean up his nose, and cracked jokes to get the guy laughing again.

“No one will ever believe you!” Now, this one has never been confirmed, but it’s become one of the biggest urban legends surrounding Bill Murray on the Internet. According to the story, a tourist in Times Square picked up some French fries at McDonald’s. As soon as he walked outside, a stranger reached over and stole some fries right out of his container. The tourist looked up to yell at the thief, only to come face to face with Bill Murray. “No one will ever believe you,” Bill said, stuffing fries into his mouth, and disappeared into the crowd of Times Square. No one knows if the original story is true, but it gained so much popularity that Bill pulled the act again at an airport in Martha’s Vineyard in 2016.

What’s your favorite “Murray Moment”? If you’re like the team at ReadyGOLF, you know every word of his Caddyshack Cinderella story monologue by heart (and all the lyrics to “Ghostbusters,” too!).

In honor of Bill’s sense of humor, we’ve collected some of the best “Murray Moments” we’ve seen. Have a laugh before you hit the course, and make sure to stock up on your Fun Golf Gifts while you’re at it!

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