Golf Apparel from ReadyGOLF

Over the last few years, golf style has evolved immensely and if you are still going to your games dressed like someone in the 80s, you are truly doing a disservice not only to yourself but to the sport and fashion. Nonetheless, style is an important part of golf and for those who are unsure about their sartorial choices, we are here to help.

Golf shirts are arguably the focal point of your attire. So if you want to ace your whole look, you need to start with the shirt. Here are some tips for mastering the art of wearing a golf shirt the right way:

1. Consider the dress code of the club.

A majority of golf clubs around the country have laid down a strict set of rules that dictate how you should wear your golf shirt. Some private clubs are more stringent than others. For instance, in some, you may be allowed to only wear shirts with collars, which means no t-shirts, while in some, denim shirts are not allowed. Pick your shirt -all kinds of golf apparel for men and women for that matter- keeping the rules of your club in mind.

2. The shirt must look neat.

It is hard to strike an impressive pose on the putting greens when your shirt is shabbily hanging on your frame. So, pick shirts that are the right fit for your body and ensure that they neatly tucked into your pants or skirt. Your sharp and professional look embodies your dedication and respect for the game.

3. To button up or not to button up

This, again, is a pretty contentious issue, with rules varying from club to club. Although, generally, you can button your golf shirt all the way to the top when the weather is on the chilly side. Layer a cardigan on top of it. On warmer days, it is best to leave the top button unbuttoned so that you do not heat up during your round.

4. Choose the color wisely.

If you want your shirt to do the talking, it is recommended that you pick a color that contrasts your slacks, trousers or skirt. For instance, wear your red shirt with a pair of beige bottoms. Although, one thing you need to keep in mind here is to not pick overly loud colors because then you will stick out like a sore thumb on the links.

Discover a world of stylish golf apparel for women and men at ReadyGolf. And if you need more tips to up your fashion game on the greens, check out our other blog posts.