Nothing can beat the joys of a good round of golf, but a good round of golf accompanied by a good cigar? Well, that is something else. A lot of golfers love to combine their favorite cigars with a fresh round of golf. However, not everyone does it right. So here are some tips for you to enjoy your cigars the right way while traversing the greens:

l Store your cigars in proper conditions.

Your cigars should be kept in ideal smoking conditions, which mean that they should be kept at a relative humidity of around 70% to 80%. Never carry your cigar out around the course unless it is in a travel humidor. When exposed to air, your cigars can dry out and lose their tobacco flavor.

DO NOT use a cigarette lighter.

One of the most important tenets of cigar smoking etiquette is to never light a cigar using a cigarette lighter. It looks tasteless, more so on a golf course. Moreover, it will be difficult to get a proper flame if the wind is strong. Use a torch cigar lighter instead.

Rest your cigar in an appropriate place.

As much as you may want to put your cigar on the edge of the golf cart seat, refrain from doing so. In addition to that, another thing that you should avoid is resting your cigar on the ground. A quick fix for this problem is to buy a cigar holder.

Pay attention to the wind.

Not a lot of people like cigar smoke being blown on their faces. So it is imperative that you pay attention to the direction of the wind when you smoke. This will show that you are considerate of those that are out there on the course with you.

Always carry some cigars for your golfing buddies.

There’s nothing worse than smoking a cigar all by yourself on the golf course. It is true that good quality cigars can be expensive and you may not want to share your stash with anyone else, but that does not mean that you do not bring a few extras for your game partners.

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