Loose knits paired with shapeless trousers might have cut a fine silhouette at the local golf course back in the day, but that is not even remotely representative of modern-day menswear. However, golf style has managed to evolve over the last few years but there might still be a long way to go. Basically, adopting the new styles is like setting foot in a brave new world, and a little guidance never hurt anyone. So, here are a few tips and tricks that to ensure that you are able to put in style:

1. Keep it simple

Loud colors on the golf course are a strict no-no. And so are flashy accessories and prints. Keep your look simple. If you are someone who is reluctant to experiment with colors, the classic combinations of white with navy blue, black or grey can work wonders.

2. Wear fitted clothes

Ill-fitting clothes don’t just look sloppy but are also uncomfortable. There is no point in wearing expensive golf apparel if they don’t fit you right. The sleeves of your shirt should be three-quarters of the way to your elbow. The ends of your trousers should graze the top of your shoes. Keep the fit trim. Loose and oversized clothes will not provide any ease of movement, thus interfering with your game.

3. Do print on print the right way

One of the most popular golfing trends is to mix and match various prints. However, the trick here is do it the right way. The best way to wear this trend is to ensure that a print is not dominating both your shirt and pants. If your pants have a bold print, tone it down with the top. Moreover, the tonal range of the prints should be the same to create a balance.

4. Don’t wear three-quarter pants

As much as you may love the feel of your three-quarter cargos on a hot summer afternoon, don’t wear them to play golf. In fact, the dress codes of some clubs do not allow players to wear three-quarters. These pants look extremely unprofessional. If you are looking for some comfort, wear khakis instead.

5. Don’t leave your shirt untucked

Wearing your shirt untucked might look cool on a night out in the town, but on the golf course, it just looks messy and excessively casual. Tuck in your shirt and add a slick belt to the mix. This will help you look polished and put together on the greens.

Flaunt your best self on the course with these simple tips. For top-quality golf apparel for women and men for at affordable prices, go through our website.