XXIO: Ladies's Golf Fairway Wood - 12

Hand: Left
Loft:: 3 Wood
Shaft Type | Shaft Flex | Grip Model: Graphite | Regular (R) | XXIO 12 Weight Plus (Rubber)
Sale price$399.99


Ladies's 12 Fairway Wood by XXIO

Turn every swing toward the green into a smoother and more successful play with these new, ultralightweight XXIO 12 Ladies Fairway Woods. Add a few to your bag or grab the whole set to replace your Long Irons. Thanks to individually engineered grips, modified flex shaft profiles and finely tuned club heads, it’s easy to Experience the Difference.

For faster lead times, we are offering a featured custom grip option: Winn Dri-Tac Ladies (35g). This grip is lightweight, comfortable, and premium. Clubs built with this grip will not feature Weight Plus Technology. The grip weight, club weight, grip sizing, and club balance (SW) will be slightly different than the stock specs.


ActivWing stabilizes the clubhead by altering aerodynamic forces at work in the first half of the downswing. The airfoil generates lift, guiding the club to its optimal impact angle for maximum speed and distance.

Rebound Frame

On the Woods, four alternating layers of stiff and flexible zones enhance overall COR, like a spring within a spring. And for the first time, XXIO Fairway Woods feature Rebound Frame with a Cup Face for even more power on strikes across the face.

Flat Cup Face

To improve COR across the entire Cup Face, the face center is larger and thinner. It increases ball speed and distance, no matter where you strike the ball. The Fairway Woods’ faces are made from High Strength HT1770M Steel to allow for a thinner design with enhanced ball speed.

Weight Plus Technology

Our proprietary design positions mass under your grip, behind your hands. This helps you find the ideal spot at the top of your swing and makes the downswing more consistent.

Cannon Sole

A floating weight pad optimizes launch while also allowing space for improved face flex, especially helpful for shots struck low on the face.

Step Crown

A stepped crown shape promotes face flex while lowering the Center of Gravity.

Bespoke Shafts

TORAYCA® T1100G carbon fiber with an advanced NANOALLOY® resin matrix results in extremely thin and lightweight graphite shafts with a cutting-edge combination of strength and flexibility.

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