Wilson: Teen's Complete Golf Club Set Carry Bag - Profile XD

Hand Options: Right
Length: Standard
Sale price$399.99


Teen's Profile XD Complete Golf Club Set Carry Bag by Wilson

The Wilson Profile XD Complete Teen Golf Club Sets are customized based on lengths, shafts and grip size to fit golfers to their swing and physical characteristics. A unique custom fit system in a box, this set is designed for teens playing the course regularly or newcomers looking to take the game seriously.


Improved Distance

Performance technology and lightweight components combine to deliver tremendous distance.

Bomb It
A large sweet spot on the iron is precision-engineered for longer, straighter shots.
Comfortable Carry Bag
Air Flow™ shoulder straps are adjustable for growing, teen players.

Bag Model: Carry
Set Configuration:W1,5(GRA)+H5(STL)+I6-SW(STL)+Putter+HC+BAG+COLOR BOX
Shaft Material: Steel

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