Wilson: Senior's Complete Golf Club Set Cart Bag - Profile SGI

Hand Options: Left
Length: Standard
Sale price$399.99


Senior's Profile SGI Complete Golf Club Set Cart Bag by Wilson

The senior set addresses the physical considerations and swing characteristics of older players. Entire set features senior flex graphite shaft and soft, larger diameter grip.

Senior Player Spec

Entire set features lightweight senior flex graphite shaft and larger diameter grip.
Effortless Performance, Maximum Convenience
Enhance your on-course enjoyment with the quality engineering and super game improvement design of this set. This complete package delivers everything you need to start playing today. Wilson’s world-class engineers and designers have put together a golf set that will help new players easily get the ball airborne for longer, straighter shots. Designed to last, with quality materials that exceed the industry's toughest durability standards, this is a set you’ll enjoy for years to come.


Bag Model: Cart

Set Configuration: W1,5(GRA)+H5(GRA)+I6-SW(GRA)+Putter+HC+BAG+COLOR BOX

Shaft Material: Graphite

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