Rosie the Riveter Embroidered Driver Headcover by ReadyGOLF

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Rosie the Riveter Embroidered Driver Headcover by ReadyGOLF

The can-do attitude of Rosie the Riveter inspired a whole generation of women to take on previously male-dominated jobs in the defense sector for the betterment of their country. This symbol of women's independence translates to almost any facet of society, including sports. The Rosie the Riveter Embroidered Driver Headcover puts a modern twist on the old propaganda posters of the World War II era by adding some attitude. The skeleton figure replaces the old Rosie the Riveter design to give it a timeless tattoo-like appearance that you would see on the walls of many tattoo studios. The red, white, and blue colorway maintains the patriotic charm that the original Rosie had, making this headcover a must-have for true Americans everywhere.


  • Made to fit a 460cc Driver
  • High quality embroidered design
  • Center Elastic band ensures that the Head cover will stay on your driver
  • Synthetic Leather
  • Features the classic lines of the Vintage Retro Golf Headcovers

Let inspiration drive your game with the Rosie the Riveter headcover only at ReadyGOLF

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