On Tour Golf: Bottle Opener - Old Golf Iron Club

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Old Golf Iron Club Bottle Opener by On Tour Golf

Artfully Repurposed Golfclubs

Crafted from recycled clubs, each is a one-of-a-kind piece of functional art.

Artist Jeff Diamond has been creating sculptural art as well as furniture and other functional items from recycled golf clubs with no end in sight. His creations, are the only like it in the world and all made in America. Jack Nicklaus, one of the most famous golfers ever, has Jeff's Big Turtle sculpture in his collection. Jeff has successfully exhibited at major trade shows across the country including Atlanta and Las Vegas. Jeff also exhibits every year in Augusta, Georgia during the Masters golf tournament and last year sold an 8 foot diameter sphere, sculptured completely from recycled golf club heads, for $30,000.00. Of course most of his unique products are priced for the general public to enjoy. So let's "play through" and view a sampling of his great works!

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