Navika Crystal Ball Marker & Crown Clip - Gold Initial "G"

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Gold Initial "G" Ball Marker adorned with Crystals from Swarovski® with Matching Crown Clip by Navika

Royal Crown Gold INITIAL "G" Ball Marker with Clear Swarovski Crystal and Matching Crown Hat Clip. Wear your ROYAL Initials while you rock the golf course in style! This regal Crown Clip continues to be worthy of your Royal Highness even when you take the gorgeous initial ball marker off to Mark Your Spot!

Because you deserve the best.. and you want some ROYAL BLING in your golf game! You need to represent both the Royal Family Initial as well as thy fair lady's first name initial! Don't miss the other combination of Silver Royal Initials with Pink Swarovski Crystals!! Her highness must match her outfits of course!

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