Mudflap Girl Embroidered Black Putter Cover by ReadyGOLF - Mallet

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Marijuana Joint Mallet Putter Cover by ReadyGOLF

The Marijuana Joint Mallet Putter Cover invokes the question: How high can a joint get after smoking a joint? The perfect quandary to occupy a stoner's mind may be just the thing to relieve the pressure of a game-winning putt. ReadyGOLF once again impresses with premium embroidery that complements their creative design. Smoke rising from the embers with details on the wrinkles of the roll, not only stoners can appreciate the attention to detail, but also any other golfer who glances upon this mallet putter cover. With dual magnetic straps for secure closures, this putter cover not only looks good, but also performs up to par. This mallet cover can help you get to your calm space so you can sink your putt with supreme confidence.


● Made for most mallet style putters

● Dual magnetic strap fits right or left hand heal shaft and center-shaft mallet putters.

● Easily attachable

● Very Strong Magnetic Enclosure

● High quality embroidered design

● A ReadyGOLF Exclusive!

Fits Models:

● Scotty Cameron: Futura

● Futura 7M

● Futura 5S

● TaylorMade: OS CB

● TP Collection

● Taylormade Ghost

● Odyssey: O-Works Versa

● Odyssey 7s

● Odyssey Tank 7

● Black Series 7

● and more

Find the Marijuana Joint Mallet Putter Cover only at ReadyGOLF


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