Loudmouth Golf: Men's Pants - SeaGuile (Blue, Silver & Sea Green Argyle)

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Size: 40x34
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Mens Golfing Pants by Loudmouth Golf - Blue, Silver & Sea Green Argyle

A ReadyGOLF Exclusive Design

Gear up in your team colors for the big game. Perfect for tailgating, parties or just to get noticed on the golf course.
The Blue, Silver & Neon Green Argyle Loudmouth Golf Mens Pants are a ReadyGOLF Exclusive. We have a limited number of this print in-stock and ready to ship.

Golf is a game that should be fun. Wearing LOUD shorts on the course can make it a lot more fun, especially if other players think your clothes are too loud.

  • 97% cotton/3% spandex
  • Logo on inner lining
  • All shorts are knee length (11" inseam)

Loudmouth pants are machine washable. You may wash them in cold water. We suggest line dry to avoid shrinkage. You may want them to shrink to fit. If so, warm tumble dry. They will shrink about 1/2" in the waist and up to 1" in length. You may press the shorts with the iron on "Cotton/Steam" setting. Keep iron moving to avoid scorching.

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