Green Tee Apparel PRIMO Women's Cuffed Golf Shorts (Size 2) SALE

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Green Tee Apparel PRIMO Women's Cuffed Golf Shorts (Size 2) SALE


Adjustable length cuffed shorts with 3 inch margin. Invisible pockets in front and back for functional use, yet preserves the feminine silhouette. Constructed with blended stretchy fabrics for comfort yet stylish appeal.

Women's and Petite sizes available.

About Green Tee Apparel

Green Tee Apparel provides contemporary and performance clothing for the fashionably inclined golfer. They tailor innovative designs for modern and active individuals by integrating athletic quality, functionality and above all, style. Green Tee Apparel provides an alternative to traditional golf wear and is not bound by conventional fairway fashion allowing you to look as great as you play - and sometimes better. Their philosophy is "Just because your golf game is under par does not mean your style has to be". No matter what your handicap or how long you drive, Green Tee Apparel's contemporary and high performance apparel offers individual style to the classic game of golf.

Green Tee Apparel designs a full range of women's dresses, tops, shorts, skorts, and pants. The designs integrate practical features such as flushed pockets for extra balls when you need to take that mulligan, loops to attach your glove when the perfect touch is key to sinking a 40 feet putt, and tee holders so that you are always prepared to grip it and rip it.

Much like their innovative styles, so is the fabric they use to construct their designs. Green Tee Apparel uses revolutionized fabrics that repel liquids, resist wrinkles, dry fast and breathe. In addition to high tech fabrics, they offer the entire collection in petite sizes to fit women of all shapes and sizes.

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