Glove It: Headcovers - Leopard

Option: Set of 3 (Driver, Hybrid, Wood)
Sale price$62.95


Leopard Golf Headcovers by Glove It

Glove It's club covers are sold separately. There are drivers, woods, and hybrids. The woods and hybrids feature an adjustable dial. Buy a set, or purchase individual woods and hybrids!

Glove It signature golf club covers are a must-have for the stylish golfer! Protect your clubs in style with covers available in Glove It's exclusive line of PU prints. Glove It golf club covers are 100% polyester and are the perfect way for you to make a statement on the course!


  • PU/nylon construction

  • Pull over knit

  • Driver fits up to 460cc

  • Wood and hybrid with adjustable dial (3-5-6-7-X)

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