Glove It: Adjustable Belt Bag

Color Options: Capri
Sale price$29.95


Adjustable Belt Bag by Glove It

Glove It's sport belt bags are available in three, vibrant, solid colors. Each belt bag is made of innovantive and stylish neoprene fabric. The adjustable strap and buckle fastening allows you to wear this belt bag in a variety of ways. The durable lightweight contrsutction makes it easy to carry, and has plenty of room for your "on- the- go" essentials like phone, sunglasses, snacks and wallet. Each bag has a carabiner hook for your keys, and inside pocket for cards and ID. This unisex belt bag is ideal for every day use, running, walking, hiking, traveling and any other outdoor activities.

• High quality neoprene construction
• Carabiner hook for keys
• Nylon adjustable strap
• Functional and versatile features
• 9.25" x 5.5"                                                                                                                                                                      

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