Frankenstein Embroidered Driver Headcover by ReadyGOLF

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Frankenstein Embroidered Headcover by ReadyGOLF

There's a monster within your golf bag that's ready to be unleashed. The Frankenstein Embroidered Headcover is another exclusive release from the mad scientists at ReadyGOLF. It's well designed with embroidered shadows and wrinkles that give it depth and dimension that bring it to life. True monster enthusiasts will also appreciate the sewed on bolts protruding from the headcover's neck that make it a more accurate depiction of Frankenstein's monster. This driver headcover is designed to fit your 460cc driver and has center elastic bands to keep them on. Not only for Halloween, this headcover can be the staple of your golf bag and a reminder to your fellow golfers that a monster shot is coming.


  • Made to fit a 460cc Driver
  • High quality embroidered design
  • Center Elastic band ensures that the Head cover will stay on your driver
  • Synthetic Leather
  • Features the classic lines of the Vintage Retro Golf Headcovers

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