Evertan: Women's Tan Through Golf Glove - Water Lily

Size: Small
Sale price$17.95


Women's Water Lily Tan Through Golf Glove by Evertan

Evertan Lipstick Golf Gloves are offered in several colors to coordinate with your wardrobe.

Made from premium sheepskin cabretta leather for soft feel and durability.

Lycra sports mesh fiber on top allows in the rays from the sun, eliminating the infamous "golfers tan".

The fabric allows up to 70% increased airflow over traditional golf gloves allowing skin to stay cool & dry.

Evertan gloves are up to 43% lighter than conventional golf gloves due to their unique combination of leather and sports mesh.

All this gives you a golf glove that is as light as a feather, but as durable as steel!

Available in left hand glove: small, medium or large

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