Eureka Golf: Horizontal Framed Golf Club Display

Length: 42"
Ball Mount Shelf: No Thanks
Sale price$154.99


Golf Club Display Mounting Board by Eureka Golf

Framed in hardwood finished with dark cherry, give your favorite club the spotlight it deserves. Whether commemorating a retired club, a hole-in-one or a prized inheritance, this handsome club and ball display will make the perfect accent to any golf lover's favorite room. Available in a 42" and 48" inside length to accommodate clubs of most sizes.

Ball Mount can be oriented on the left or right side.

External Dimensions:
42" = 45.375"W x 9.375"H
48" = 51.375"W x 9.375"H

Internal Dimensions:
42" = 42"W x 6"H
48" = 48"W x 6"H

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