Eureka Golf: Golf Club Display

Size: Putter
Wood Finish: Mahogany
Mat Color: Green
Sale price$399.99


Golf Club Display by Eureka Golf

The Golf Club Display Case is a handcrafted and made in the USA. Select from multiple finishes and mat colors. Can be configured for a left or right-handed club.

This Display Case has a easy opening front door with a lock to keep your collection safe. Suede matting throughout the inside, including the top, bottom and sides. Shadowbox and Door are Solid Wood. The Display Case has "UV" filtered Conservation Glass which blocks out 99% of the harmful "UV" rays. The Golf Putter rests on metal posts for easy removal.

Driver Outside Dimensions: 54" wide and 10" tall.

Fits a 47" Driver

Golf Driver is not included with the Display Case.

Putter Outside Dimensions: 41" wide and 10" tall.

Fits a 34" Putter

Putter is not included with the Display Case.

Usually ships in 3-4 business days

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