Don't Tread On Me Embroidered Putter Cover - Blade by ReadyGOLF

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Don't Tread On Me Embroidered Putter Cover - Blade by ReadyGOLF

Show your competition that you're ready to strike at any moment. The Don't Tread On Me putter cover features the embroidered design of the Gadsden flag designed during the American Revolution for second amendment enthusiasts. This unique putter cover also has snakeskin design for a premium look that any golfer will love. Velcro enclosures ensure a secure and proper fit around your blade-style putter. It also feature embroidered lettering with high-quality stitching that you can appreciate.


  • Made for all blade style putters
  • Easily attachable
  • Velcro Enclosure
  • A ReadyGOLF Exclusive!
  • Blade Putter Head Covers are designed to fit most modern standard blade and heel-shafted blade putter designs.

Find the Don't Tread On Me Embroidered Putter Cover exclusively at ReadyGOLF

Fit Models:

Scotty Cameron: Newport, Newport 2, Newport 1.5, Newport 2 Notchback, Newport 2 Mid, Monterey, Monterey 1.5, Fastback, Sonoma, Napa, Del Mar, Laguna, Mil-Spec, etc and even some of the smallest mallet head putters, like Del Mar 3.5's and Studio Design No.5.

Odyssey: White Hot, O-WORKS, #1 - #9

TaylorMade: Golf Tour, TP Collection, DA-12, DA-62, OS, OS CB

Ping: Anser - 6 , Ping B60, Ping ZB, Vault, Sigma G

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