David O'Keefe: Tribute to The Animal House

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Animal House, Knowledge is Good by David O'Keefe

David's Inspiration

"The idea for the Animal House painting started in March when Ohio family Ed & Ginny Bitler came to St. Armand's on spring break, bought two of my best-known works and decided there had to be an "Animal House'' tribute. I first saw the movie when I was in high school and loved it. It was probably the perfect movie at the perfect time, because I was at that age where I loved juvenile humor. I thought about how to present the film and its ensemble cast and decided to paint them in the classic Baroque style. Baroque is my favorite art period and I've used the style before, most notably in 'Much Ado About Nothing,' with characters from Seinfeld. The focal point of the oil-on-canvas painting is John "Bluto" Blutarsky, the character played by John Belushi, who was riding an unparalleled crest of fame when the movie came out. It's Belushi's movie and he is the prominent character in the painting. I placed him on the steps of the college's administration building, in a stance from a famous scene where Bluto and others put a horse in Dean Vernon Wormer's office. All of the film's main characters are depicted in the painting, along with some of the funniest gags, like the horse, the mayor's daughter in a shopping cart and the 'little black bag' that keeps cropping up in scenes. I hadn't noticed the black bag before, but after Ed (Bitler) told me about it, I re-watched the movie and decided it had to be in the painting."

22"x28" Fine Art Print signed and numbered by the Artist. Rolled

22"x28" Fine Art Print signed and numbered by the Artist. Framed

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