David O'Keefe: The Perfect Swing - A Tribute to Happy Gilmore - 22x13 Print

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The Perfect Swing - A Tribute to Happy Gilmore Print by David O'Keefe

22"x13" Fine Art Print on Archival paper.

A good golf swing is an art form in itself and David O'Keefe's drawing "The Perfect Swing'' is art that combines the humor of "Happy Gilmore,'' the classic sports comedy, with the "Vitruvian Man,'' Leonardo da Vinci's drawing of the ideal human body. O'Keefe placed Happy Gilmore on graph paper and shows the step-by-step execution of his powerful slap-shot swing. Often imitated, by everyone from professional golfers to duffers, the Happy Gilmore swing has become as much a part of golf culture as the movie has become a comedy classic.


Prints may take up to 2 weeks to ship, and some canvas Giclee' may take longer.

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