David O'Keefe Godfather 2 Print

Options: 32"x22" Limited Edition Fine Art Print
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The Godfather 2 Artwork by David O'Keefe

32"x22" Limited Edition Fine Art Print signed and numbered by the Artist

54"x36" Limited Edition giclee on canvas signed and numbered by the Artist

This original painting is David O’Keefe’s amazing characterization of the acclaimed Godfather I & II films. Set in the Corleone conference room, the entire cast from both films is accomplished and not a character is forgotten. With the title “Never Betray the Family” scrolled below the scene in Italian, both loyal and non-loyal members share the ominous expression of working with the family. Fredo’s tie is branded with a dagger, the age old symbol of betrayal. As such, numerous iconographies and symbolisms are embedded within the painting. Most notably, Don Vito is depicted three times: as the infamous Don, as a young gangster and as a young boy new to New York. Order The Godfather 2 artwork in print or canvas. This is an offer you can’t refuse.


Prints may take up to 2 weeks to ship, and some canvas Giclee' may take longer.

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