Daphne's HeadCovers: Boar Golf Club Cover

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Daphne's HeadCovers: Boar Golf Club Cover

No numbers so that they can be put on any sized metal wood.

Fun for any age and makes a great gift for family, friends and relatives.

Will fit drivers up to 460cc. Each are 12-13 inches long and offer excellent protection to drivers and fairway woods.

Quality is inherent in each headcover with thread that is 4 times the necessary strength, and fabrics designed to fend off the wear and tear of the sun's UV rays!

Daphne's Headcover:

Each Daphne's Headcover is first and foremost the best quality headcover of any kind on the market, and has the added bonus of being your favorite animal!

Protect the investment in your equipment! Secure them under a Daphne's Headcover and keep them from guessing what's underneath!

Our animals are lined with a thick, synthetic sheepskin, which Daphne's introduced to the market! They are twice as plush as any other animal headcover lining available!

Daphne's headcovers are washable! Quality fur allows them to be hand washed, dry cleaned, or spot washed. After washing, line-dry the animals and blow dry them to fluff the fur back up!

to provide the desired looks and textures, i.e., Leopard-spotted coat, Golden Retriever-short and curly fur, or Shih Tzu-long fur!

Daphne's allows your personality to shine through on the golf course, and makes your golf bag easy to recognize!

We specialize in animal headcovers and unique designs. We create the best quality headcovers on the market. We dedicate our energy and focus on this, and you, our customer!

We are carried on all the major tours: PGA, LPGA, Senior PGA, the Australian Women's Tour, and at Celebrity fund-raising events.

Come and join our team and some of the players that are proud to carry a Daphne's Headcover: Tiger Woods ("Frank" the Tiger), Ernie Els (Lion, Justin Leonard (Yellow Lab), Rich Beam (Chicken), Gene Sauers (Rottweiller), Aaron Baddley ("Badds" Koala), Craig Stadler (Walrus), Audra Burks (Dachshund), Dottie Pepper (Shih Tzu), Kelli Kuehne (Bulldog) and on! Please visit the headcovers just to the left and see the rest of Daphne's "Golf Hall of Fame".

Jane Spicer writes:

Dear Friends,

Welcome to a New Year with Daphne's Headcovers!
My name is Jane Spicer and my husband Steve and I own Daphne's. My Mother, Daphne and I
founded our company with the goal of buying a sailboat. Now over 25 years (and some sailing adventures) later, we are still designing and producing Daphne's Headcovers.

Each of our headcovers exhibits the Daphne Difference. From conception to completion, each and every headcover is created with an eye on quality, function, form and attention to minute detail. All of our headcovers bear our label, factory phone number and my Mother's name. The phone number is there for you should something ever go wrong with one of our headcovers, we are so committed to your satisfaction that all of our headcovers come with a lifetime guarantee. Steve and I believe that every animal you buy from Daphne's will be a representation of our family's commitment to you.

You will begin to experience the Daphne Difference with your first look at a Daphne's Headcover. From inventing animal Headcovers to making a career of it, you will see our commitment to quality. When you make the choice to purchase headcovers from us you not only get the best quality headcover on the market but you get Daphne's entire team. Each and every one of us delivers our expertise for a great fit, terrific quality and the added detail that makes the Daphne's difference. Join us as we protect your clubs and bring a smile to the incredible game of golf.
We are here because the golf community has been our guide in this journey. We've been taught by the best and continue to learn from our tour pro's and our customers. Give us your suggestions, tell us your animal stories and influence our next creation! We are
here and we are listening.

Please come aboard and join Daphne's team, you will love the experience. With over 25 years as the benchmark for quality from custom design, hand finished details to corporate logos, you'll find the sailing smooth, you have my word.

Jane Spicer

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