Creative Covers: Bucky Dog Headcover

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Bucky Dog Headcover by Creative Covers

This plush head cover is perfect for all golf lovers, featuring Denis Walter's Bucky the Dog. This golf head cover is completed with a stuffed character head design that brings fun to any game. The first thing Dennis had to figure was a way to play golf again. Since he could not stand, he started by hitting golf shots from his wheelchair. He then progressed to a swivel seat mounted on the passenger side of a golf cart and since 1977, he has made over 3,000 appearances, performed in all fifty states, Mexico, Canada and The UK, and has traveled over 3.5 million miles. He and his dog Bucky usually do about 90-100 shows per year

  • High quality construction.

  • Made of super-soft plush fabric.

  • Sized to fit a 460cc.

Great for: tournament prizes, collegiate golf, fundraising, golf camps & more!

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