Tail Activewear Women's Stone 18" Modern Fit Pull On Skort (Size 2) SALE

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Women's Stone 18" Modern Fit Pull On (Size 2) by Tail Activewear


About Tail Activewear

Tail Activewear is located at the intersection of performance and fashion.

Our garments are always designed to perform as well as the people who wear them. We maintain the critical balance between fit and function with keen attention to things like moisture management, wind and rain protection, anti-microbial fabrics and constructions that minimize friction and fabric creep. Our driving objective from concept to design, and from testing to production, is user comfort.

On the fashion front, we prove every season that style and performance are mutually achievable goals. We understand that the right look breeds a self assuredness that translates into a measurable advantage on course and court.

For 35 years, Tail has created styles that have spawned a legion of loyal customers who will settle for nothing less. They rely on the over 2,000 private clubs and specialty retailers who carry our product to provide them with the latest from our diverse catalog.

In 2008, Tail was acquired by a dedicated group of investors and managers, determined to build on the Tail legacy. Our vision is to drive the company to the upper right where high performance and high fashion co-exist in perfect symmetry. We are determined to perpetuate legendary Tail style in apparel that allows today's player the freedom of movement and flexibility to excel, and to declare, "I Can, I Will".

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