Abacus Sports Wear: Women's High-Performance Golf Rain Jacket - Pitch 37.5

Color: Black
Size: XSmall
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Women's High Performance Pitch 37.5 Rainjacket by Abacus Sports Wear

The Pitch rain set is engineered by abacus® with the golfer in mind. Using 37.5 Technology it’s built to with stand even the most extreme weather conditions on the golf course. Heat, rain, wind and cold. It’s all about staying dry and feeling free when you swing. Highly stretchable and extremely breathable. Pitch is made to ensure your comfort so you can focus on your performance. Whatever the conditions, abacus x-series allows you to keep your full focus where it belongs, on your game.

37.5 Technology works to improve the microenvironment inside the garment. It allows the vapor to be forced through the fabric quicker, keeping your body and the garment dry, even in low temperatures and high humidity. A climate of 37.5 degrees and a humidity of 40-60% is created. This is the ideal comfort zone, also your ideal performance zone

The Pitch 37.5 waterproof golf jacket is made of an extremely lightweight material with a very high breathability, making it a premier choice in golf rain gear. Rain jackets are often either too warm or too flimsy, but we offer a high-quality alternative made with specialized technology that keeps your body temperature at 37.5, which is your optimal comfort zone where you perform best. The 4-way stretch makes it even more flexible. This golf rain jacket has a rubber anti-slip print on the shoulders for when you carry your gear, and the lower sleeve has extra elastic to keep the sleeve in place while swinging. Drawstrings at the back neck allow for adjustments to find the perfect fit. Reflective prints make a very sporty design.


  • Waterproofness WP 20000mm

  • Breathable MVP 50000g/sqm/24h

  • 100% polyester


  • Breathable

  • Stretchable

  • Sealed Seams

  • Lightweight

  • Water Repellent

  • Waterproof

  • 37.5

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