Cigar Minder - The All-Purpose Cigar Clip

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Cigar Minder - The All- Purpose Cigar Clip

Never lose ruin your favorite cigar with the Cigar Minder - The All -Purpose Cigar Clip for people on the move!. Whether you are on the boat or the course your cigar will stay lit and will not get ruin. The Cigar clip designed to attach to golf bag, pushcart, or riding cart and keeps cigar secure and clean without smashing it. The vertical-holding orientation keeps cigar lit

How many times have you set your cigar down on the ground, on a hand rail, or into a pocket only to have it destroyed or lost?
Whether you're on the golf course, on your boat, or simply sitting in your backyard this clever clip will keep your cigar out of harm's way.

Prevent Cigar Loss and damage with the Cigar Minder

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