Cheap Shotz by You Can Hide It

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Cheap Shotz by You Can Hide It

With these custom flasks, you'll never pay top dollar for bottom shelf ever again

It's painful when you have to fork out $10 for a watered down drink. We've got you covered! Spike your drinks with our downright devious CHEAP SHOTZ secret flask tubes. These beverage filled beauties can be hidden so many places, in so many ways. Included is our must-have "Cheapskates Field Guide to BYOB" that gives you quick tips and tricks on how to sneak alcohol on a cruise, into a concert or sports game. Now you can DRINK ANYTHING, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.

Here's a few thirst quenching ideas from our tip guide (included):

  • Carry them right out in the open for air travel! Yep, TSA allows you to bring multiple hidden flask Cheap Shotz on board.
  • Perfect fit for a Vente(R) Starbucks cup, Jamba Juice(R), etc.
  • Stow these liquor flasks in the bottom of a cracker box, then put the crackers back on top.
  • Slip them in the case for your sunglasses or eye glasses.
  • Nestle them in the bottom of a big purse and throw some girl stuff over the top. Tampons are a good choice.


  • Unbreakable
  • Food grade
  • Lightweight so you can stow & go
  • Shoot it, spike it, share it!

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