C-Thru MLB Putter Clear Grips - Chicago White Sox

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Chicago White Sox Putter Clear Grips by C-Thru

C-Thru Wrap Grips....The Future Of Golf Grips Is Clear!

C-Thru golf grips are made of a proprietary blend of TPR (thermal plastic elastomers). The material is non-porous and will not absorb water or perspiration. C-Thru golf grips will NOT get hard, slick and brittle over time like other grips. C-Thru grips will remain tacky and each time they are cleaned with a wet towel and dried, they will feel as they did when first installed. Of course the grips will wear and will slightly discolor (yellow) over time, but the image will still be visible through the grips.

  • Includes instructions for simple installation
  • Made in the USA
  • Conforms to USGA Rules
  • LARGE PADDLE Size Grips

Express Your Personality with A Variety of Eye-Catching Design


Oversized version of the Tour grip offering. The grip of choice for players with oversized hands. Specifications: Available core sizes: .580″ core Weight: 68 grams Core shape: Round Configuration: Seamless.



1. Remove old grip and clean shaft of all tape and residue.

~Some tape may be difficult to remove and may be left on the shaft

2. Remove label from backing and align on shaft. Allow 1/4"-1/2" of label to extend past the end of the shaft. Push this portion of the label into the open end of the shaft.

3. Squirt HAIR SPRAY generously into open end of grip and spray entire length of label as well. Slide grip over label completely.

4. After grip is installed and aligned, allow to dry for 1 hour before use.

​The use of other solvents is not suggested!

​Now get ready to play your best!!! Good or bad you'll look great doing it


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