Bonjoc: Flag Ball Marker & Hat Clip - Sweden

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Bonjoc Flag Ball Marker & Hat Clip - SWEDEN

About Bonjoc Ball Markers

Bonjoc is created by Eunice Cho, an accomplished golfer who has competed on the UCLA Womens Golf Team, and on the professional circuit for five years. She is now a certified LPGA T&CP Golf Instructor. She separates her time giving golf lessons and devoting her time to Bonjoc.

Bonjoc started during a round of golf, when Eunice had difficulty replacing her ball on the putting green. Worried that she would hold up her group, she thought of creating a ball marker that would "stand-out".

Since this epiphany, Eunice has come up with over 20 designs using 100% genuine Swarovski crystals to handcraft her ball markers. In addition to the sought-after Four-Leaf Clover, Heart, Flower, and Cherry design, Eunice also creates Monogram ball markers for those that like to personalize their game. Eunice pays close attention to detail with her designs to ensure that Bonjoc represents the finest products available.

Specially created with 100% genuine Swarovski crystals. Each ball marker is designed by Bonjoc artisans who handcraft these whimsical accessories for the stylish golfer.

The Bonjoc collection features over 20 unique hand made pieces in various shapes and jewel-toned colors.

Fashionable yet very functional, Bonjoc ball markers are an eye-catching accessory on and off the golf course. Each ball marker is handcrafted with 100% genuine Swarovski crystals and is accompanied with a complimentary magnetic hat clip. Our unique products are the perfect idea for corporate and executive golf gifts and tournament prizes and awards.

All of our golf ball markers are packaged in a velveteen carrying pouch for presentation and protection.


"I love my Bonjoc ball markers because they are such fun accessories to my golf wardrobe. Their cute designs and flashy looks set them apart from any other. They just make my daily pre-game routine that much more enjoyable."

Stacy Prammanasudh,
LPGA Tour Player

"Fashion has become a part of golf. Now besides the love of the game comes the look of the game. Bonjoc ball markers add a fun addition to a players appearance and style. I love using Bonjoc ball markers. What girl doesn't like a little bling bling?"

Vicki Goetze-Ackerman,
LPGA Tour Player

"During any tournament my Bonjoc ball marker stands out among my competitors. The unique, sparkling design catches my eye from anywhere around the green. On good days and bad, it gives me one more reason to smile."

Laura Diaz,
LPGA Tour Player

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