BloqUV x JANTZEN Collab: Women's UPF 50+ Relaxed Mock Zip Top (3002J) - Botanical Domino

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Women's Botanical Domino UPF 50+ Relaxed Mock Zip Top by BloqUV x JANTZEN Collab

The Mock Zip Top has been meticulously crafted for a comfortably relaxed fit, retaining all the exceptional features of our best-selling mock zip top. This long-sleeve sun top serves as an ideal standalone piece, can be layered over a t-shirt, or worn beneath a jacket. With its high neckline and extended sleeves, it provides comprehensive sun protection from the neck down to the hands. Whether you're engaged in activities like golf, tennis, pickleball, skiing, horseback riding, running, walking, boating, biking, or simply unwinding, you can relish in the UPF protection it offers.

  • Sizing: For relaxed fit, order true to size. 
  • Smooth, locking zipper
  • Neck Coverage
  • Need help with sizing? Click to view our size guide.

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