Big Ole Can of Whoop Ass Embroidered Driver Headcover by ReadyGOLF

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Big Ole Can of Whoop Ass Headcover by ReadyGOLF

Your driver has never had a headcover as fitting as the Big Ole Can of Whoop Ass headcover. This ReadyGOLF exclusive is another product that you didn't know you needed so badly. When you're down a few strokes and you need a solid shot down the fairway, it's time to pop open that can of whoop ass for a comeback that will leave your competition's ego battered and bruised. Exceptional embroidery allows you to appreciate the many fine details including the script font on the text, as well as the two-tone design of the actual can of whoop ass. This headcover will make you make room in your golf bag to add another must-have headcover design from your favorite golf gear outfitter, ReadyGOLF!


● Made to fit a 460cc Driver

● High quality embroidered design

● Center Elastic band ensures that the Head cover will stay on your driver

● Synthetic Leather

● Features the classic lines of the Vintage Retro Golf Headcovers

Protect your driver with the intimidating Big Ole Can of Whoop Ass Headcover only at ReadyGOLF

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