Beer Bottle Golf Tees by Putt Light Golf (Set of 6)

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Beer Bottle Golf Tees by Putt Light Golf (Set of 6)  

The set is composed of 6 pieces of iconic beer bottles. Enough quantity and multiple appearances can meet your entertainment needs, you can share with friends or golf lovers.

Our Beer Bottle Golf Tee is made of quality plastic material Designed and tested in the lab and on the golf course, it ensures countless rounds with unyielding performance. expect to use these golf tees all year.

There is a shallow cup design on the top of each golf tee, which plays a key role in securely supporting the ball and reducing its rotation. This portable, useful golf accessory ensures the fun of golf sport. Designed with Extra Detail for the Ultimate Eye-candy Experience.


  • Made of strong plastic


  • Set of 6

  • Last longer than wooden tees

  • Made in United States

Perfect golf gifts for men, women, and every golfer. No matter skill or level, the solid support ability makes this golf tee holder a nice gift for golf lovers, they will find them interesting and practical!


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