Bag Boy: Search N' Rescue - 10 Foot Mini Hide-Away Compact Retriever - Magic Gripper

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10 Foot Magic Gripper Mini Hide-Away Compact Retriever by Bag Boy

The patented head acts like a magnet to a golf ball, gripping the ball like magic on any surface. Place the gripping head over a golf ball and press lightly to pick up the ball on any surface. Ball can be picked up from either side and can also be used to scoop the ball on soft surfaces. Made with anodized aluminum, prevents oxidation and corrosion. No moving parts in the Magic Gripper reduces any chance of breakage. Available in 3 compact stainless steel collapsible shafts (6.5’, 10’ or 18’) or 4 lightweight anodized aluminum shafts (15’, 18’, 21’ or 24’).

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