AutoFlex: Fairway Shafts

Flex: 305 (65-75 mph): 305 (70-90 mph)
Color: Pink
Sale price$625.00


Fairway Shafts by AutoFlex

AutoFlex Fairway Golf Shafts utilize advanced technology to provide golfers with precision and power for improved performance on the fairways. By combining flexibility and control, this shaft allows players to excel in their fairway play. Optimized for fairway play, the AutoFlex Fairway Golf Shaft will take your game to the next level.

The lightweight construction and Korea hidden technology maximize power transfer for enhanced ball speed and longer carry and roll distances.

Length – Uncut 43" inch

Trimming instructions (tip 0.335):
- 3 wood - No tip trim. Cut butt end to desired length
- 5 wood - Tip trim 0.5 inch. Cut butt end to desired length
- 7 wood - Tip trim 1 inch. Cut butt end to desired length

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