Aussie Chiller: Perforated Cooling Baseball Cap - Blond (light tan)

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Blond (Light tan) Aussie Chiller Perforated Cooling Baseball Cap

  • Ultra Light
  • Soft, Rich
  • Washable, Crushable

Available Colors:

  • Pearl White
  • Blond (light tan)

Wearing this hat is like wearing an ice-cold towel. Soak Chiller hats in cold water then wear them during your golf round. Chillers remain very cold for 5+ minutes, quite cold for 15+ minutes and comfortably cool until dry (1 - 3 hours). Re-chill with a quick refreshing splash as necessary. It stops sweat and stains plus it is wearable and crushable. It's made of an rich and soft ultra-light chamois. It will not fade. The unique perforated fabric allows ventilation, but, blocks the sun. It may even improve your golf game!

These Chiller hats are uniquely designed to hold cold water throughout the day to keep golfers cool on even the hottest days. An Aussie Chiller hat will keep its wearer breezy until the hat is completely dry, and then it is as easy as dousing the perforated hat a second time to keep it feeling cool all day long.

Our Aussie Chiller Bushie perforated hats will help prevent those unsightly sweat stains that can develop on expensive golf shirts. Golfers simply don't understand how great their game can be until they try the Chiller hat just once.

One Size fits Most

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