Practice and training aids are essential for many of the best golfers. No matter what level you're at, training aids are highly beneficial, and practice is, of course, essential no matter what. At, we have a large variety of golf practice and training aids in books and DVDs. We know that training aids help golfers develop their physical and mental game, which is why we search for the best products!

Practice to Perfection with Training Aids
Perhaps the simplest training aid you can find is a good driving and chipping mat. With a quality mat, you can practice your swing just about anywhere, without holding back (or putting a divot in the carpet). The best mats will simulate the feel of a real fairway. At, we have a great mat from IZZO GOLF that won't scratch or mar your clubs. We also offer the DivotMat, which comes with an instructional DVD.

The Medicus 2000 Swing Trainer is wildly popular aid. With two hinges, this club "breaks" whenever there is a flaw in your swing. By looking at where the club broke, you can quickly identify what part of your swing needs work. This tool has resulted in vast improvements for many, and is great for beginners, as well as advanced players working on a new swing technique. By isolating the problem, this swing trainer provides fast results. Beyond the Medicus 2000, we also carry a number of other swing trainers, so there really is something for everyone.

You may also want to invest in a training glove. Swing gloves, such as that from Dynamics, hold your wrist in the proper position and keep it there for maximum swing efficiency. The best gloves have some pivot to them, so that correct form can be held throughout the swing. While you can play with these gloves on, if you practice with them enough, your wrist should naturally become accustomed to the swing motion.


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