1. Forget about the Honors System because it only wastes time.
  2. Be ready to make your shot when it is your turn to play and do not be afraid to shoot out of turn.
  3. Have your club ready and yardage marked before your partner has hit.
  4. When approaching a green, return your cart as close to the next tee box as possible. This can save about one-half hour per round.
  5. Limit time searching for lost balls.
  6. When a hole is completed, leave the green promptly and proceed to the next tee without delay. Do the scoring for the previous hole while others in your group are playing the next tee.
  7. If you are holding up the pace of the course, allow the players behind you to play through.
  8. Only take one practice swing per shot.
  9. Hit only one ball per hole.
  10. Eliminate money games from your group.

This will quicken your pace by 15-45 minutes per round.


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