Women's Golf Sandals

Golf is known to be a leisurely sport, involving a bit of walking throughout a long, beautiful, green golf course. One of the more important accessories one needs then, is a good pair of golf shoes. You might immediately think of the more traditional styles when you think of golf shoes, but these days, golfers are more likely to wear more casual golf sandals, especially in good weather!

At ReadyGOLF.com, we carry several shoe brands who make sandals especially for golfers. Perhaps you're looking for women's golf sandals to give your wife or mother as a gift. If so, we've got plenty for you to browse in our shoe section. Brands like Sandbaggers and Lady Fairway specifically make shoes that provide the comfort, support, and stability required for playing golf.

Sandbaggers Women's Golf Sandals
The Sandbaggers name belongs to a trusted maker of women's golf shoes and sandals, which we make available to you at ReadyGOLF.com. Many of the brand's designs, particularly their sandals, can be worn fashionably on or off the golf course. Women who want comfortable golf sandals at affordable prices choose Sandbaggers for their high quality products.

Many of the women's golf sandals by Sandbaggers are made out of real leather, coated with polyurethane for weatherproofing. All of their shoe soles are lightweight and flexible with a reinforced Texon midsole for additional lateral stability. All shoes are also lined with Faytex Dri-Lex(R) Lining for breathability. Sandbaggers understand the needs of golfers, which is why they do their best to make shoes that are stylish, yet comfortable enough for a day on the links


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