Golf memorabilia makes excellent, thoughtful, one-of-a-kind gifts for golf enthusiasts. Superstars in the sport, such as Fred Couples, Tiger Woods, and Jack Nicklaus draw huge fan bases and are looked up to by novice and professional golfers worldwide. At Innovative Golf Gear, we offer many authentic pieces of golf memorabilia that are sure to please collectors and pro-golf fans.

Golf Memorabilia Authenticity Guaranteed
We at make our best effort to bring you golf products of the highest quality, and this applies to our golf memorabilia as well. Collectors of sporting memorabilia understand the importance of authenticity, which can make collections become tremendous assets as they increase in value over the years. For this reason, we carefully offer memorabilia with authenticity we can guarantee.

With all our hand-signed golf balls, clubheads, flags, scorecards, signed lithographs and photos, we include a Certificate of Authenticity. These items go through a stringent process to ensure our customers receive genuine collector's items. We developed a series of steps to guarantee authentic limited edition items that are likely to appreciate in value and make great gifts.

First off, when the items are autographed by a Masters Champion, a supervisor bears witness to the actual signing. The Masters Champion then signs an affidavit acknowledging the number of pieces signed, thereby certifying authenticity. Tamper-resistant holograms are placed on all memorabilia and a Certificate of Authenticity with its own identification number and a description of the item is issued. Some of the memorabilia we offer are limited to only one piece, making them truly one-of-a-kind finds!


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