Sabona of London, makers of high quality health products. Sabona, a name people trust.

Sabona has been established since 1959, with over 45 years experience of producing high quality copper bracelets, since which time, over 11 million Sabona Bracelets have been sold worldwide. Sabona is internationally recognised as the premier marketer of copper and more recently, Magnetic bracelets and have many distributors throughout the world.

Sabona Copper Bracelets are an entirely safe natural health product designed to aid relief from general aches and pains, arthritis and rheumatism.

The theory of copper

Sabona Bracelets are made from the purest copper sources (99% pure copper), which is important because many competitive copper bracelets have traces of nickel content which is not recommended.

Sabona is worn by people from all works of life and many high profile personalities and many international sports men and women and is currently endorsed by leading actress Susan Hampshire OBE, who has herself been wearing Sabona for many years.


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