In golf, players must develop exceptional form to maximize power and accuracy in each swing. By positioning the body correctly, you allow your muscles and joints to work together to put a great amount of force into your drives. Developing proper form is a delicate process, and golfers often experience minor muscle pains and joint tightness because of such controlled, repetitive movement.

For this reason, many golfers wear magnetic, copper, or other ionized bracelets, which are known to provide overall balance and relief of body ailments. Many different kinds are available on the market, but we at Innovative Golf Gear have selected some premium brands for you to browse. From simple wristband bracelets to beautiful chain-linked designs, you're sure to find an ionized bracelet you love.

Pain Relief in Disguise
One company, Sabona of London, makes several uniquely styled magnetic bracelets. While Sabona carries a variety of simple styles in traditional finishes, the company also realized that some people would rather have a beautifully designed piece of jewelry that doesn't look like the typical ionized bracelet, normally just a simple open band.

Without being overpriced, the Sabona Balance Bracelets are sleek and fashionable for both men and women, coming in a variety of metal finishes for every taste. Depending on its design, a Sabona bracelet may have a few magnets inside or one in every chain. The company also makes copper bracelets with magnets as well. For people with sensitivity to copper, the Sabona line of magnetic bracelets offer many copper free alternatives.


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