Everything we do is fueled by energy stored in our bodies. Everything we eat and drink is broken down chemically and converted into energy. Whenever any chemical reaction occurs in the body, two molecules work together for the proper give and take necessary to create the reaction. The molecules must be positively and negatively charged, respectively, to naturally attract each other.

When the oppositely charged ions meet, energy is released for the body to use. Every time the body moves, positive ions result, creating a demand for negative ions. However, the supply of negative ions in our air, in our foods, and in our water is sparse compared to the number of positive ions in our bodies. Luckily our bodies are smart, and will negatively ionize what we take in just to meet our bare minimum ionization requirements.

While our minimum ionization requirements are meagerly met, our bodies could function much more efficiently if we could meet our negative ion needs more fully. Without meeting those needs, positive ions collect in certain areas, often manifesting in aches, pains, and stiffness in the joints and muscles, but also affecting the body's overall state of health.

One Way to Balance Your Body
Ionized bracelets are one way to balance the positive and negative ions in the body. These bracelets are usually made up of special metals that have undergone an ionization process, or they may have magnets secured inside. Our bodies are able to generate the appropriate ions needed to create balance by reacting to the electro-magnetic energy inside the ionized bracelet! At ReadyGOLF.com, we carry a large selection of ionized bracelets that many golfers wear for overall health and balance.


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