Golf is one of the only sports in which players are allowed to wear items like watches and jewelry. A golfer walks from hole to hole, chooses his golf club for each shot, and the only contact he makes is from his hand to the golf club and feet to the grass. This allows a great degree of personal expression in terms of clothing, and golf jewelry is no exception.

Golf Jewelry for More Than Fashion
Golfers can maximize their option to wear jewelry with items made out of special materials that help reduce pains and discomfort in a player's body. At, we carry many different styles of golf jewelry that do just that. Our bodies are filled with charged atoms, both positively charged and negatively charged. When buildups of positively charged ions accumulate in our bodies, numerous negative side effects often occur, including muscle and joint aches, irritability, all of which can drastically affect one's game.

Ionized bracelets, common among golfers, are made with special metals that are specifically ionized to work with the body's electro-magnetic field, allowing the body to use the jewelry as a vessel for creating correctly charged ions! These bracelets are worn by men and women golfers. In fact, these bracelets are good for anyone living an active lifestyle!

In a similar vein, we also carry magnetized bracelets, which offer some of the same health benefits. Many prefer the sleek, linked look of magnetized bracelets. They are often indistinguishable from one's other jewelry! Copper pendents are also quite popular, and are worn by golfers such as Ernie Els, Jesper Parnevik, and Laura Davies.

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