For many golfers, the game is quite personal, right down to the accessories. After investing in a comfortable pair of golf clubs, golfers often feel a sort of special attachment to his or her equipment, enjoying how clubs feel in their hands. It is for this reason that golfers carefully protect their golf clubs in order to reduce the risk of damaging them to an extent that they no longer feel "right." Replacing clubs often means starting over and establishing a new relationship with the equipment. Thus, protecting your clubs is a necessity!

Protective Accessories
If you're looking for protective gear, we have plenty. Many golf bags are designed specifically to protect clubs from damage during travel. Club and putter headcovers are also important if you want to prevent dings while the clubs knock around between holes. Even the smallest dent in the wrong place can throw off your putting.

For those who like to keep focused during the game, sleek and professional putter covers are the answer. Club Glove makes some wonderful covers in sedate charcoal tones. They have models for both mallet and blade putters, meaning that there's no excuse for not protecting your clubs.

For the lighthearted, a fun putter cover might be just the thing to help you relax and smile during your short game. From the Grateful Dead and Popeye to Betty Boop and Tabasco Sauce models, we have putter covers that can keep you enjoying the game. Whatever style you choose, remember that our shipping costs a flat rate of $6.95, no matter how large the purchase. At Innovative Golf Gear, we make it easy to stock up!


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