While driving down the street, you'll often find patriotic flags represented in a sticker placed on someone's car. You may see flags waving from a neighbor's doorstep, or their mailbox perhaps. Many people enjoy demonstrating patriotism by way of these small statements, and even in hobbies or sports, many people look for ways to show their love for the U.S.

In golf, there are many aspects of the game that allow players a chance to express themselves, particularly in their accessories. Golf is actually quite flexible compared to other sports, where uniforms are necessary and jewelry and hats are not allowed. Since golf is played somewhat leisurely, without body contact with other players, golfers are able to wear individual clothing, including visors, hats, and t-shirts emblazoned with the red, white, and blue.

Golf clubs are excellent vessels for making a personal statement. For instance, most golfers use headcovers on their golf clubs for protection against dings and dents. Headcovers may be purchased in just about any shape or theme, including patriotic headcovers. It's no surprise that many people purchase patriotic headcovers and towels to express their feelings.

Patriotic Headcovers for All Types
At Innovative Golf Gear, we carry a large assortment of headcovers, including patriotic designs! While some people may like to simply represent the American flag, others more specifically enjoy showing their patriotism by representing their political party on a headcover. No matter what party, the person makes a statement about democracy, which is what our country stands for, and what patriotism is all about.


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