At, we try our best to offer the widest selection of unique golf accessories for professional and non-professional golfers alike. Many of the products we carry make excellent gifts for both men and women, with a number of our items costing under $50 and even more items under $25! We know how passionate people are about golf, and how much they enjoy fun, useful golf accessories because we feel the same way.

Gift Ideas for Women
Many sports are still quite male dominated, but women are increasingly becoming a strong presence in all sports arenas. With role models like Annika Sorenstam and Michelle Wie, it's not surprising that more and more women are becoming avid golfers. If you're looking for golf gifts for women and you're at a loss for what to give your special lady friend, we at Innovative Golf Gear have many women's golf gifts that are sure to impress and please your golfing wife, sister, mother, co-worker, or friend!

For the ultimate gift, nothing compares to a set of clubs. On a more affordable level, for those who dislike the unsightly tan lines from wearing socks and shoes out on the golf course, we have the Tootsie Tanner, which is a small tanning bed just for the feet and legs, and an excellent idea for a gift. We also carry a wide selection of beautifully crafted ionized wristband bracelets, which can be worn like jewelry with healing and balancing benefits to the body.

We also carry many women's shoes in various styles, from open-toed sandals to more traditionally styled golf shoes. Our women's shoes make great golf gifts under $100 and come in several attractive designs. For those of you looking for gifts under $25, we carry an assortment of fun items, including golf-themed wine holders, t-shirts, hats, and many useful small items, such as club covers and golf balls.


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